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Best practices and technical expertise in an inclusive and welcoming environment

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Community of inclusive Open Source people - Collaboration 1st, Code 2nd! Join our GitHub Org.

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Why be part of EddieHub?

Accelerate your career, skills and grow your network, while having fun!

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Safe and supportive environment

Chat in an inclusive, safe and supportive environment in channels ranging from databases, to public speaking and hackathons.

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Learning together in public

The best way to learn and get experience is on real world projects. With Open Source you can showcase your skills and build your portfolio.

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What it means to be part of this community in the members‘ own words

    • Started contributing and building my GitHub profile and already got a job interview request based on my GitHub activity. So I really appreciate what you do here!

    • EddieHub is like a family to me! We get really warm welcomes here! We get all our issues solved by each others' #help :) We get our 🟩 treats here! EddieHub is awesome. By Awesome I mean Awesome! It is a 10/5 rating!

      Krish Gupta
    • EddieHub is like a family to me! We get really warm welcomes here! We get all our issues solved by each others' #help :) We get our 🟩 treats here! EddieHub is awesome. By Awesome I mean Awesome! It is a 10/5 rating!

      Vincent Villafuerte
    • It's everything anyone could ever ask for in a community. Wholesome, Encouraging, Open Source and everything nice! Best thing happened in 2020. I'll be always thankful to this community and keep contributing here. It's beyond rating of 5 stars. 3000/5 ⭐

      Karuna Tata
    • EddieHub is the best growing 🚀 Open-Source community. Here, you can help each other by raising issues, solving doubts on the help channel, show your work (projects), make good connections and so many things.I would recommend all beginners to join the most respectful, collaborative and loving Open-Source community.Thanks @eddiejaoude, we support you!

    • Eddiehub has helped me to understand the importance of Open Source and how easy it is to collaborate with developers from around the world to work on different projects and learn from each other in an amazing community.

    • This is just an awesome community. This is the first community I have seen which puts collaboration first than the code. Collaborative people make a collaborative community and EddieHub is a perfect example of it 😄. I can't rate this community on the scale because priceless things can't be quantified ❤️

      Kaiwalya Koparkar

EddieHub Moderators.

Our awesome Moderators providing support through all timezones

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    Aka Julian, a TypeScript developer from Germany who is into Fullstack-Development and DevOps. Has a love for TypeScript.

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    Sara Jaoude

    Can be found writing content for EddieHub. After a legal career, Sara enjoys helping others find a work / life balance and strengthening their interview / writing skills.

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    Emma Dawson

    Full stack (MERN) software developer. Documenting their passion for accessibility and open source on YouTube. Currently working on making the web more accessible.

  • moderator image

    Tom Schmelzer

    IT Application Consultant from Germany. Believes Open Source helps you build connections with people from all over the world.

  • moderator image

    Tamal Das

    Open Source Advocate and freelance Fullstack Web Dev, from Kolkata India.

  • moderator image

    Pradumna Saraf

    DevOps and API developer, working with communities to bring more people into the Open Source ecosystem.

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    Amanda Martin

    she/her | Developer Advocate @DevsOnWix @Wix | EddieHub Ambassador | dog mom 🐾 | home chef | travel fantasizer | curious dork | tweets are my own.

EddieHub Founders

Why EddieHub was founded

Eddie Jaoude

"Collaboration First, Code Second quickly became what the community members live by"

Find out about EddieHub's aims

Sara Jaoude

"Open Source is our hobby, our passion - not just our job"

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • How do I join EddieHub?

      EddieHub has many community and cross community platforms, events and calls. It is best to sign up to the Newsletter and join Discord to start collaborating with the inclusive EddieHub community. More information can be found in blog post on getting started.

    • How do I join the EddieHub GitHub Organisation?

      If you would like to join the EddieHub GitHub organisation, then please raise an issue to join the EddieHub GitHub organisation on our support repo on GitHub so that you can get an automatic invite to the organisation. If you want the organisation to appear on your profile then make sure that you make it public (as by default it is marked as private).

    • Who is EddieHub for?

      Whether you are just starting your journey into tech or you are a seasoned professional, you will benefit from joining EddieHub. Open Source is about collaboration first and code second. Members include developers, testers, DevOps, technical writers, UI and UX designers.

    • I am new to coding and / or Open Source, can I still join?

      Yes! Starting out can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming particularly with the amount of information out there. In EddieHub Discord you will find supportive channels such as #help and #first-timers. Also Eddie's YouTube channel is a good resource when starting out.

    • Can I find a mentor in EddieHub?

      At EddieHub we believe that everyone is a mentor and can help others in the community. This community approach is beneficial for the mentee as they are exposed to various perspectives, and for the mentor they develop many of their communication and collaboration skills. Even if you are one month into your journey, there is someone who is one day in and who can benefit from your experience and insight.

    • How can I get my Open Source / Resume / GitHub Profile reviewed on a live stream?

      Eddie does regular reviews on live streams. To add your project / profile / resume for review please raise an issue on our support repo on GitHub.

    • Why does EddieBot complain about my Discord messages?

      At EddieHub we are passionate about moving away from gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate or other unequal phrasing. Therefore if you use terms such as “Hi Guys”, then EddieBot responds with a notification highlighting that this is not inclusive language and will suggest alternatives.

    • I just joined, why can't I post links on Discord?

      You have recently joined the community and you have tried to share a link, but found that NightBot has deleted this message. We appreciate that the community is a place to share your work, which we encourage only for our regular community members (aka “Team Eddie”). To become a regular and get the role "Team Eddie", we highly suggest to get involved in the community conversation and add value by helping other community members.

    • I love Hubber! Can I use the EddieHub mascot and logo?

      Check what you can and cannot do on our Branding page.